Aeham Ahmad & FRÉ Album (CD)


The album contains 9 tracks. 4 songs which we wrote in Aeham's home in Warburg and recorded in Kassel. It was so special to be welcomed into his family with Julian Bohn for a week, play music, play games with his very cute kids, hike up the Desenberg in the snow and eat incredible Syrian food prepared by his mom, wife and a family friend.

In the songs I tried to tell Aeham’s story as I know it from his beautiful book and what I learned through our many conversations. Also I wanted to feature Tahani’s ( Aeham’s wife) story. I interviewed her about her childhood, upbringing, religion, being a woman growing up in Syria, sisterhood and motherhood. She is an artist too and her painting is the base of this artwork.

The other 5 tracks were recorded last Summer when Aeham and Tahani visited us in Doetinchem. We recorded them in our livingroom. I love the intimacy of these recordings.